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CH2 : Smurf's hand

How to use and adjust crutches?

When moving with crutches, make sure not to lean your armpits on the sponges of the crutches. In fact, the sponge is only made to be stabilized between the arm and the ribs and a space of 2 inches should always be left between the sponge and the armpit to avoid compressing the nerves and the blood vessels that pass through. When the compression is prolonged, the blood no longer passes. As a result, numbness and a bluish discoloration may appear in the hands. This is called a brachial plexus (radial nerve) compressive neuropathy or an axillobrachial artery stenosis. Normally, freeing the armpits for a moment is enough to make the numbness go away, but repeated or prolonged compressions can cause more serious damage to the nerves. So don't do like Elbro. Adjust your crutches properly and leave your armpits well ventilated!


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